Lathe Machine India Manufacturer and Exporter

Esskay machines is a leading and original equipment Lathe Machines Manufacturer which is commonly used, to remove unwanted material, once work piece is rotated, against a cutting tool. We provide best machines, by gathering authentic high grade resources, from trusted suppliers, which makes our machines, long lasting and more efficient. The precision-engineered arrays, in Lathe machinery tool kit, truly play an important role in the industrial revolution in India, as well as in the rest of the world.

Every part of machinery manufactured and assembled in your Lathe machine, is put to strict quality assurance testing. These measures ensure longer machine life, and better services to you and your clients. The working of the lathe machines In various industries. Some of these industries are glass working, Parts reclamation, metal working, woodturning, thermal spraying, metal spinning etc.

Parts of Lathe Machine are Bed, Legs, Headstock, apron, Tailstock, Spindle, Saddle, Tool Post, Carriage, Cross-slide, Tool Rest. Now understand bit about all these parts. Bed forms the base or the platform on which the different fixed and operations parts of the Lathe are mounted. Bed bears two important parts- headstock and tail stock, to support the work piece, and functionally provides a base, for the movement of carriage assembly, which carries the tool. Bed is heavily ribbed in design construction and robust in structure. We provide Bed in three models Esskay 35, 36, 43 and 60 models. The bed ways align the components of the lathe.

The legs from the supporting structures that carry the entire load of machine and function to elevate the lathe bed to a working height. Headstock is located on the one end of the bed. The headstock contains the high precision bearings which hold the horizontal axle--known as the spindle. Headstock serves as housing station for the back gears, the feed reverse gear, driving pulleys, headstock spindle, and live center. Further a quick-change gear-box is placed below the headstock and contains a number of different sized gears. These intermediate gears allow the correct ratio and direction to be set for cutting threads or worm gears. The apron is fastened to the saddle and it houses the gears, clutches and levers required to move the carriage or cross slide.

Tailstock is a movable casting located opposite the headstock, by the sides of bed structure. Tail-stock is used for machining operations including drilling, reaming, and tapping.Spindle is a hollow horizontal axle, with interior and exterior threads on the inboard by which the wood working pieces can be mounted on. The Saddle, an H-shaped casting mounted on the top of the lathe machinery, which functions as supportive structure to mount the cross-slide and the apron. Carriage is composed of two parts saddle and an apron and is used as a mount to the cross slide. Cross-slide is a flat piece that traverse across the bed and placed at right angles with the bed. Tool Post is a part of Lathe machine that is placed on the top of cross-slide and it holds the cutting tool firm during operation. Tool Rests is a horizontal area from where, the spindle and the tail stock operate and allow functioning of hand tools to be braced against and levered into work piece for trimming or cutting function.