Human Resource Development

Human resources development is described as the collection of human capital and its worthwhile investment in the development of an economy.HRD is the foundation for helping employees develops their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities.HRD safeguard that the company must own people become human resource only when they are accomplished to achieve its necessary goals and objectives.HRD spread the essential knowledge and skill in them through effective arrangement of training and development programs.

The Human Resource at Esskay is a well organized and self motivated team of Engineers and Techno savvy professionals. The word 'employee' is excluded from the Esskay dictionary. Anybody working with Esskay is treated as a co-partner and team member.HRD programs provide support for current and future employee development. This ensures that employees get new employee orientation, performance support to complete tasks successfully. It confirmed continued success.

An independent HR Department takes care of all the benefits and amenities to be provided to all team members. The Human Resource Development Department is committed to support the ESSKAY's mission of providing excellence in. It addresses employee issues and concerns. Some of these issues include recruitment, benefits, time keeping, payroll, recreational activity, interpersonal relations, training & development. All the members are provided with reimbursements well ahead of industry standards, Provident Funds, Conveyances, Canteen facility, Clean and healthy working environment, Sports and cultural activities etc. It also includes on-going support, prompt as well as courteous services to all staff members.

Our Values We are registered with

  • Respect for everyone's dignity.
  • Fair and equitable treatment to all individuals.
  • Highest standards of personal integrity and trustworthiness.
  • Participation and effective teamwork.
  • Honest and sensitive communication.
  • Learning growth and development.

Some of the objectives of Human Resource Development are mentioned as under:

  • Work opportunity
  • Development of Traits
  • Ability development
  • Creative Motivation
  • Good Relation