Horizontal Boring Machine Manufacturer with Technical Specifications

Horizontal boring machines are capable of performing many different machining functions including facing, boring, shaping, tapping, reaming, drilling, milling and contouring.

Use of Horizontal boring machine

They are used primarily for boring out large parts with the use of a horizontal spindle. In the modern period of time these machines use advanced techniques and CNC control system . Horizontal boring machine is capable for heavy duty so that there also available some high precision models. There is a cutter which is rotated. Mostly one vertical spindle boring machines are used in tool making shops and there is a work holding table which can be moved into two horizontal directions which are perpendicular to each other for giving accurate space in holes. It may have a single cutting tip made of steel, diamond, cemented carbide or small grinding wheel.

This machine can also produce long holes and capable to make interchangeable parts without using fixtures and jigs. It may be single point or multi point cutting tool according to the requirement. The whole diameter is meter controlled and adjusted by boring head which adjusts the distance between spindle axis and wheel axis. There are mainly three types of horizontal boring machines table, floor and the planer. The table type of boring mill also known as the universal boring mill, is the most common as well as the most versatile.For a number of operations, diamond boring machines and jig-boring machines are used. Universal horizontal boring machines have a horizontal spindle mounted in a stock that moves up and down along a front support.

Advantage of Horizontal Boring Machine

One advantage of horizontal boring machine tool is that very large parts can be placed on the machine's work table using an overhead crane. Parts larger than the table can still be milled, even if the part hangs off the slides of the table. The only requirement is that the part is stable on the work table to prevent potential operator injury or machine damage. Trends in the development of boring machines include increasing the rigidity and resistance to vibration, reducing friction in moving parts, and using digital display, numerical control, and methods of remote observation and control of the working process, primarily in heavy-duty and special boring machines.

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