Environment Management

Esskay maintains a green and lusty area that has an eye-soothing layout with an intention to provide a hygienic and stress free working environment to its members. The production of Esskay does not fall under the category of pollution creating activities. Any chance of air pollution during any of the production processes is strictly eliminated at Esskay. Esskay reviewed and updated constantly with the aim to meet the requirements of our staff and the companies we work with as well as the environment's demand. Esskay Machine Tools has established the criteria to be followed about the environment. Study of a product's life cycle, from the raw material up to the end, including manufacture and useful phase.

Water outflow is well maintained through proper drainage lines and sanitation planning. Excessive rain water is also channelized properly for out flowing without creating any pollution. Sustained Development to find the perfect balance between environment impact and economical growth.

.As far as the Noise pollution is concerned our machines follow the stringent norms of noise pollution standards as per the "CE" safety standards. Regular inspection through independent bodies like ERTL certifies the machines without any possibility of noise pollution. Co-operate as much as possible with governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations.

Combining environmental responsibility with a commitment to sustained growth, Esskay Lathe Machine Tools has long invested in more efficient infrastructure and technologies to prevent pollution in every aspect of its activities.

In order to protect our environment it is of great importance to make every effort to reduce levels of pollution and use natural resources as efficiently as humanly possible. Established in 1982, Esskay is one of the best professional machine tools manufacturers in the world.

To reduce environment load through its business activity together with its contribution to the environment by way of design, development and manufacture of its eco-friendly products. Conserving the global environment is one of the top priority issues common to all mankind. We shall always keep in mind the environmental aspects of our activities, products and services, and promote the prevention of environmental pollution while improving our environment management system in a continual manner.