Surface Grinder Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Surface grinding is one of the oldest and most widely used grinding processes. Grinding Machine in metal working is a machine tool designed to remove material from work piece by means of an abrasive tool. The most commonly used abrasive materials for the surface of grinding wheels are: Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Diamond, and Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN). The materials used in the manufacturing of the surface grinding machine ensure high durability, tensile strength and resistivity to adverse conditions. The use of advanced technology in the manufacturing ensures easy operation and low maintenance cost. Our range of surface grinders are fabricated with graded casting that helps to eliminate the internal stress and to give high stiffness & stability for all kinds of grinding jobs. The principal motion of a grinding machine is the rotation of the abrasive tool at a velocity that is considerably higher than the feed rate and other motions. Modern surface grinders are semi-automated and once they have been setup, the machining process requires very little operator intervention.

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Longer Serving Life
  • Hassle-free operations
  • Grind very hard or abrasive materials
  • High degree of dimensional accuracy
  • Produces surface textures of very high finish
  • Tooling is less expensive
  • Work holding is easier
  • Can be done automatically

Some of the advantages of surface grinding machines are:

  • Grinding without the effects of over heating
  • Higher material removal rate
  • Consistent surface qualities
  • Reduced mechanical deformation of work pieces
  • Tighter control over process parameters
  • Cost savings
  • Wheel balancers
  • Monitoring Sensors