CNC Lathe Machine Manufacturer India Certified and Tested Machines

A CNC Lathe Machine is a short form for Computer Numerical Controlled Lathe Machine. A CNC Machine uses computer controls to cut different materials.CNC machines are widely used in manufacturing industry. The CNC machine comprises of the mini computer or the micro computer that acts as the controller unit of the machine. In CNC machine the program is stored in the memory of the computer. The programmer can easily write the codes, and edit the programs as per the requirements. These programs can be used for different parts, and they don't have to be repeated again and again. CNC machines offers greater additional flexibility and computational capability. It is a very fast machine and do work with accuracy.CNC is widely used for drill press, lathe, milling machine, grinding unit, sheet-metal press working machine and bending machine etc.CNC lathe machine controls all the operations automatically by the input parameters like feed, speed, and depth of cut and also spindle on/off, turning coolant on/off functions .All the information is pre-installed in the computer so that it is called as Computer Numerical Control(CNC).CNC lathe machines can be extremely large. The information which is stored on the computer is read automatically and then converted into electric signals. Here are the major parts of the CNC lathe: CNC Control Panel: The brain of the CNC machine, all the CNC program are stored inside this panel, CNC machinists control the whole machine through the keys on this panel.CNC mechanists start/stop the machine move axis by pressing different keys on this panel. They can enter new program by using this panel, programs can be transferred by using USB port on this panel as well. So this is the main part which controls the whole CNC machine.
Headstock: The main spindle, the change gears and the speed change mechanism are resides in the headstock.
CNC Lathe Bed: The bed is actually the base of the headstock. The bed helps set the carriage and the tailstock in perfect parallel alignment to the spindle axis.
Feed screw or Lead screw: The feed screw is the drive shaft for the machine and works with the gears to drive the mechanism of the carriage. The feed screw and lead screw work together with the spindle to make the correct amount of screw threads on the work that you are doing.
Carriage: Within the carriage is the tool bit that turns either in a perpendicular or longitudinal direction depending on how the operator controls it. The operator will set this on a CNC machine where it would use a hand wheel on the other machines.
Cross-slide: This is a small part that sits on the top of the carriage. It has both a main spindle axis and a lead screw. The lead screw actually moves along the main spindle axis in a perpendicular fashion so that it can perform facing operations; only one direction can be done at a time.
Tailstock: Tailstock is mostly used to give an extra gripping force for component machining. For long components machining they provide extra force on the other end so machining process can complete smoothly.
Foot Switch or Foot Pedals: Foot switches are used to actual the chuck and tailstock quill. Through these pedals CNC machinists open and close the chuck to grip the component, the same way tailstock quill is taken to forward position or reversed through these pedals.
Guard: The guard is responsible for the protection. It completely encloses the dangerous areas of CNC.
Vice: This holds the material which has to be cut or shaped in the correct position.
Motor: The motor rotates the chuck at high speed.
Chuck: The material which has to be shaped is hold by chunk. It should be placed very carefully.
Cutting Tool: The cutting tool is made from high quality steel which cuts the material.